Combed yarn

Our yarn facility consists of 19.728 spindles, and the daily production is 10.000 kgs. Combed yarns between Ne 10/1 and 50/1 are produced.

Blended yarns

The main product of our blended yarn production line has been modal/cotton blends. In addition, we are able to produce different types of blends using cotton, modal, viscose, bamboo and polyester fibers.

Knitted fabrics

Our knitted fabrics facility has a daily production capacity of 6.500 kgs, and is equipped with 18 circular knitting machines. We are able to produce single/double jersey, two/three yarn fleece, rib, camisole and pique knits.

Dyed fabrics

We can provide our fabrics dyed and/or printed through third party dye houses on request.


Our company started its activities in cotton trading in 1983 as a partnership of family members. In 1994, Uz Pamuk Ticaret ve Tekstil A.Ş. was incorporated. Towards the end of 1995, the decision to start cotton yarn production was taken, and the yarn mill was established in Torbalı/İzmir. The mill which initially had a production capacity of 3.000 kgs a day, reached a capacity of 10.000 kgs by the end of 2010 with additional investments. In 2006, our company invested in a circular knitted fabrics facility which has a daily capacity of 6.500 kgs. Our company continues its cotton trading activities besides yarn and fabric production.

Our principles

  • Continuous and efficient production
  • Closely following technological trends
  • Instilling confidence in employees
  • Having highest quality standards
  • Having a solid financial foundation


Aegean cotton

Our cotton yarn production is solely based on cotton grown in Aegean region of Turkey, where Anatolian peninsula meets Mediterranean sea.

Ring spun yarns

We are able to produce yarns between Ne 10/1 - 50/1. Slub, multi count, multi twist and compact combed yarn production are possible in our facilities as well.

Organic ve BCI certified yarns

Cotton yarns can be produced using organic and BCI cotton on request as we have GOTS certificate and BCI membership.

Blended yarns

After the investment of blended yarn production line in 2017, yarns with various blend proportions of cotton, modal, viscose, and bamboo can be produced.

Knitted fabrics

Various knitting machines we have in our knitting facility can be found below.

For single jersey:

  • 1 x 34"28E, 32"26E, 32"22E
  • 2 x 30"28E
  • 9 x 32"28E

Rib and camisole knitting machines:

  • 1 x 34"18E, 34"16E

Three yarn fleece knitting machines:

  • 2 x 32"20E

Dyed fabrics

The knitted fabrics produced in our facilites can be also shipped dyed/printed on demand.


Our facility with 15.600 m2 indoor space in İzmir Torbalı is up and running 24/7 since 1997.



2574 Sokak, No: 3,
Çapak Mahallesi
Torbalı, İzmir


+90 232 853 17 64